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Master Graphic Design with LYDA

4.9/5 star reviews

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Are you struggling to meet your financial needs and achieve financial freedom?

Or are you an experineced graphic designer seeking to gain more valuable insights about the skill?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these categories, then LYDA’s unique program is here to guide you through the intricacies of graphic design.

Technology Advancements Show: Online Skills Are Now Essential

Having an online skill is the modern means of survival

You’ll agree with me that the pace at which things are changing is faster than ever before.


What worked a decade or two ago now requires serious revamping to be viable in today’s world.


And It’s no longer enough to rely solely on government jobs for financial stability. 


But then…


Does this spell dark and gloom?


Does this imply that the educational certificate you worked tirelessly for isn’t needed in today’s market place after all?

Well… No. Absolutely.


In fact, it might sound counterintuitive but the truth is:


this is the easiest era in history to earn a good income and achieve financial independence, whether you have a certificate or not. 


You might then want to ask: ‘if this is true, why do I strive for a better life and hustle with very little to show for it?’



You're not alone.

Could well be that you’ve sought assistance from individuals who actually have the information to solve problems but they can’t just ideally put it out in a manner that is actionable and easy to understand…


Or, perhaps, it could be that you’re coupling too many things together and everything just seems a little too overwhelming.


Look, I get you perfectly.


And that is why Live Your Dreams Africa (LYDA) with over 1500 successfully-groomed students have made it a mandate to not just train but hold your hand every step of the way…


So you can make a great leap in this harsh economy and become financially stable. 

The LYDA academy

This is a 10-week program designed to train and equip you with the necessary and highly-sought graphic design skills…


So you can establish a stream of income for yourself and earn your way to that life of financial independence you deserve.

Here’s what you stand to get from the academy:

Why learning graphic design could be your best financial decision this year

Did you know that the global graphic design market is projected to reach $341.5 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2021 to 2026? (Source: Grand View Research).


In today’s digital era, visual content is king. Studies show that content with graphic designs get 94% more views than content without visuals.


Businesses worldwide are increasingly investing in graphic design to stand out in a crowded market. In fact, according to Venngage, 83% of marketers consider graphic designs to be crucial for their marketing strategies. 


At Live Your Dreams Africa (LYDA), we understand the demand for skilled graphic designers. That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to acquire and master the art of graphic design.


By learning graphic design with LYDA, you’ll be tapping into a lucrative market with high demand for your skills. 


Businesses rely on captivating graphic designs to engage their audience and maintain visibility in today’s competitive landscape.


With your graphic design expertise, you’ll be able to help businesses generate revenue while also earning consistently in return. It’s a win-win situation.

Here's what you stand to get from the academy:

Exclusive and 100% actionable learning modules

Introduction to visual storytelling 

👉🏽Understanding design principles

👉🏽Colour psychology and branding

👉🏽Exploring design features, tools and lots more!

Weekly mentorship sessions including Q&A with some of the industry's leading experts

In-depth financial literacy guide

Access to LYDA inner circle and official telegram group for networking, discussions and establishing value-centered relationships.

And once you apply today, you'll be getting these 4 mouth-watering bonuses:

Internship opportunities with LYDA-approved businesses

This initiative is aimed at helping you gain real-world experience from your newly learnt skill and build an irresistible portfolio that wins the hearts of clients.

Emotional intelligence masterclass

With the focus of the academy centered on financial intelligence and freedom, emotional intelligence is not left out as it is one of the biggest determinants of every successful business.

This masterclass entails understanding how emotions work in business and harnessing its power for increased profitability. 

Project Management

In this session, you’ll develop a deep understanding of project management principles and refine their abilities to effectively plan, execute, and monitor projects from initiation to completion.

Business structuring

You’ll be walked through all the key components that are necessary in setting up a balanced copywriting business. 

Financial Management

You will learn expert insights, practical strategies, and actionable tips to take control of your finances. Learn how to budget effectively, invest wisely, and achieve your financial goals with confidence. 

Communication & Negotiation Skills

This masterclass focuses on effective communication strategies, active listening techniques, and proven negotiation tactics. You will gain confidence in your ability to communicate persuasively and negotiate successfully in various professional and personal settings.

4.9/5 star reviews

Graphic Design Course

Learn valuable skills for the modern economy

Here's a run-through of everything you are about to get:

Total = N200,000|$200

Today Just For


#200,000 / $200 is a fair price, right? 

You see…


Even if this course is valued way higher than #200,000, it is more than justifiable.


The reason being that everything has been put in place for you to achieve your financial goals. 


Nothing has been left out!


But wait…


Rather than getting all those packages for #200,000 / $200 or at the actual value of N310,000 / $310


you will be getting them all for FREE!


Yes, you heard that right. 


You will be getting every single thing this academy has to offer without paying any dime! 


All you’re required to do is to submit a compelling application which will be thoroughly reviewed. 


Sounds perfect, right? 


Why don’t you jump straight in and apply?

Here's what our Community Management students have been saying:

I joined stream 5 of the LYDA program with the hope of learning graphics design but I actually got more than what I paid for.

Outside the online academy which was done at my own convenience and time spacing, I learnt a lot about business management. From structuring a business to financial management, then marketing skills, emotional intelligence and lots more.

The calibre of instructors/formators/lectures in this program is such that I couldn’t afford ordinarily. I used to be scared of online training but LYDA cleared my doubt. I do not just like it now, I am in love with the training.

All I can say is thank you LYDA group for this wonderful opportunity.

It was indeed awesome.

- Chibuzo Marcellus Asogwa

The trainer taught thoroughly. I learnt how to properly use Adobe Photoshop. It has always seemed so complex to me.

The skill acquisition, personal development and business development training that was included was a big bonus. I can boldly say I got more than my money paid for. Thank you all so much.

- Owokalade Princess Adekunbi

LYDA online training platform is one of the most organised training platforms I’ve ever taken part in. Their coordination and ways of teaching are well-presentable.

Their trainers are well equipped with what they are teaching both theory and practicals. The most intriguing part about LYDA is that their courses are very affordable.

- Imebiroh Aghogho Givens



LYDA is a non-profit & non-governmental organization with the ever-burning desire of inspiring and empowering individuals in actualizing their dreams through the development of enterprises that significantly impact communities in Africa.


This dream was birthed in 2012 in a bid to alleviate gross unemployment issues and the overall low standard of living in Africa. 


With a social media following of 10k+ on Instagram and 5k+ on Facebook, LYDA has been able to reach and impart into thousands of students the skills, models, and mindset needed to be successful in today’s climate.

Disclaimer! ⛔

Due to the extensive focus placed on each individual during the course of the academy, there isn’t enough room for too many applications. 

Hence, this academy is not a good fit for you if:


Frequently Asked Questions

The application form would be critically reviewed after which you will get a feedback email as regards the success of your sent application. 

The Community Management course consists of pre-recorded videos distributed across modules.The next module unlocks after a module is completed.


It is also important to know that it is entirely self-paced. This means that you can go through the entire package at your own set time.

No, you won’t need a laptop for any activity the course will demand.


All you need is your phone, internet connection, and a good drive for success.

No, you won’t be asked to pay any fee during the course of your training. 

This course consists of simple, step-by-step guidelines that are tailor-made for anyone – irrespective of educational status.


At the end of each module, exercises are attached to help you take immediate action with assistance provided if needed. Therefore, this course will work for you only if you want it to.

Yes, certificates WILL be awarded to every qualified participant.