Live Your Dreams Africa is a Non-Government Organization established by Bankole Williams  in January 2018. Prior to this time, Live Your Dreams Africa began in 2013 as a social enterprise initiative of Bankole’s company, Live Your Dreams Consulting Limited.

The aim of this NGO is to inspire individuals to actualize their dreams through the development of enterprises that significantly impact communities in Africa.

This platform showcases note-worthy individuals from different walks of life who (against all odds) have consciously embarked on the journey towards pursuing their dreams and are today celebrated for the diligence they put into honing their craft.

Since inception, we have organized 5 annual conferences (average turnout of 1,200 people each), an interstate conference in Abia State and had 77 weekly online seminars to promote enterprise. Cumulatively (online and offline), we have inspired over 21,000 dreams which have contributed to the Nigerian economy.

Through our Kick Start your Dreams initiative started in 2017, we have crowd funded young entrepreneurs in digital marketing, baking, retailing and fashion design. Our aim to meet the United Nations Youth Development goal of Poverty alleviation through the creation of Enterprise.

Although we are headquartered in Lagos, it is our vision to make direct impact in communities all across Africa; impact that affects the socio-economic landscape Africa as a whole as well as Africans wherever they might be.

In 2017, Lagos State Government recognized our founder with an award of Excellence for his contribution to Youth and Social development. He was recently awarded “Mentor of the Year” by the Youth Choice Awards for his visionary leadership to the African Youth.

We acknowledge that Africa is a blessed continent. We are familiar with her immense natural resources and even vast arrays of human resources, both to a large extent untapped. Unfortunately, the reason they continue to be so is mostly because of a disadvantaged mindset we continue to filter our opportunities through.

Recognizing the ills that befall our continent, and especially concerned for the predicament we would find ourselves if we continue to toe this line, our NGO was created to chart the course for a new continuum.

A course where Africa effectively harnesses the dormant potentials and resources she has previously ignored leading her to hold recognizable positions in many markets across the globe. Our vision is to birth the dreams of the fearful and inspire the actions of the weak-willed towards successfully interpreting the contents of their dreams. We believe in the ability of each individual to reproduce their dreams clearly enough to piece together fragments of a new Africa.

We are persuaded that by serving the dreams of Africa, we are creating the opportunity for us to change the meanings of our past experiences and by so doing, create new meanings our future generations can be proud of.

Our dream is to get Africa to this point by inspiring the creation and sustainability of enterprises that would outlive the individuals who establish them. This would invariably lead to an Africa rid of the clutches of poverty. An Africa whose substance has value wherever its currency and resources are tendered.

We desire to spark a revolution for civic/social responsibility where fellow Africans would look beyond themselves to create hubs responsible for grass root change and development. A chain of leaders who in turn create other leaders; all these leading to a strong viable economy for our continent. A better legacy transferred to an unborn future than what we received.

We are desirous of seeing a continent characterized by a vibrant job market with roles that bring dignity to the word labour and eradicate as much as possible the probability of unemployment. In all, our dream is to create an enviable system that works which other continents would want to be modelled after.

This great future we see must be championed. This is why as an organization we are inspiring Africans to rise up to the task of building this future we so earnestly desire.

We recognize that we can only attain this when our people begin to see their origins as a steering stone towards this future and not a boundary to away from it.  Only then would we have an Africa not just of our dreams but of our realities.

LYDA was established by Bankole Williams  in January 2018.  Bankole is a Certified NLP Practitioner, a UK Certified Life Coach and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the International Council for Managing Consulting Institutes(ICMCI). His facilitation skills are no doubt prolific, as he currently provides consulting interventions for banks and different organizations, some of which include, Guaranty Trust Bank, Access bank, Diamond Bank, Skye Bank, Union Bank, Heritage bank e.t.c.

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The Live Your Dreams Foundation has three activation arms which include the LYDA Annual Conference, The Dream Centre & the LYDA Volunteer Force.

LYDA Conferences

The LYDA Foundation holds an annual conference that showcases note-worthy individuals from different walks of life. The 2018 Conference is tagged "The Awakening"

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The Dream Development Centre

The DDC matches the philanthropic desires of successful individuals with those desirous to learn from them.

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LYDA Volunteer Force

Our volunteer platform connects young people to organizations and causes where they can contribute while learning valuable life skills

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