Connecting Experts to dreamers

Dream Quote: “For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win.” -
Dhirubhai Ambani

The Dream Development Centre (DDC) is the dream application arm of Live Your Dreams Africa Foundation (LYDA). It is a platform that helps match the philanthropic desires of successful individuals with those desirous to learn from them. This is achieved through the specially designed 5 tier dream program which enrolled participants from the conference can partake of. It is a program aimed at empowering each participant to create, sustain and grow their businesses. Our goal is to impact a total of 200 businesses through this programme.

The Lagos Dream Program is run in partnership with The Ministry of Youth and Social Development of Lagos State Government. This partnership is based on a shared goal of empowering and engaging youths in Lagos state.

The 5 Tiers of the Dream Program

The 5 Tiers of the Dream Program include:

The Accelerated Skills Acquisition Program (ASAP): Billed to run for 2 weeks, attendees would be matched with individuals who have succeeded in creating businesses out of their dreams.

The Accelerated Business Skills Acquisition Program (ABSAP) would run simultaneously with ASAP to teach participants on business basics needed in establishing their dreams.

Internship Programmes: After the ASAP and ABSAP programmes, the best and brightest participants would have the opportunity to take part in internship programmes with our partner organizations.

The goal is to help participants experience and internalize what they have learned in the course of the ASAP and ABSAP training. Through this platform, some participants will also get the opportunity to secure jobs with their mentors. We intend to leverage our relationships to create internship and job opportunities with our partner facilitators.

The goal is to achieve a win-win; where the interns work for our facilitators in exchange for exposure and learning. Following the Live Your Dreams Africa Conference, facilitators would be presented with the opportunity to volunteer their time in facilitating an Accelerated Skills Acquisition Program.

Course Categories:

Accelerated Business Skills Acquisition Program (ABSAP) and Accelerated Skills Acquisition Program (ASAP)

Course Duration: 2 weeks

Class Times: Monday – Friday, 9pm-3pm



The ASAP and ABSAP courses have been designed with the assistance of experts from leading industries in Nigeria. They have worked with the program designers and shared their experience and expertise in creating content of the global standard. They also assisted in the writing of the local case studies that will be used in the course of the training sessions.

The Participants

Participants will be beginners with a passion and a desire to build a profitable business in their chosen dream fields. Participants will also be selected based on evidence of their commitment to chasing their dreams and a willingness to be agents of change in their communities.

Location: Lagos State, Nigeria

Awarding Organisation: Live Your Dreams Africa Foundation