We acknowledge that Africa is a blessed continent. We are familiar with her immense natural resources. Her children can list these resources in their sleep; diamond, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum, cocoa beans, tropical fruits. How impressive! Africa is a blessed continent bound by aftereffects from her past experiences. These experiences have shaped the minds of her children. The result: our current placement amongst other continents; the absence of a will to overcome barriers and a hunger for greatness.

In today’s Africa, the dream mortality rate is as high as ever as the present reality consistently robs us of the desire to dream. A good number of us have settled for whatever is available based on our immediate environment and have cast our dreams aside. We have failed to realise that “sometimes reality is false and our dreams are the only reality there is!”

Africa is reputed to be one of the richest parts of the world in terms of natural resources, yet the region has come to be synonymous with poverty – despite the natural wealth and the aid flow. A continent so rich in natural and human potential yet showing unremarkable performance. Such a paradox!

This colossal disparity between our reality (based on our results) and the potential our people possess calls for an immediate intervention. Through this platform, we intend to meet this need and bridge this gap. We yearn to see a continent where human capacity is fully optimized and where dreams are actualized. An Africa whose people see their origin as a stepping stone instead of a boundary to be crossed.

We believe one way to achieve this, is to be a source of light; by illuminating the potentials our people possess as we expose them to individuals who chased their dreams against all odds and are now living fulfilled lives. These are the torch-bearers serving as reference points. They are people who have gone ahead and successfully navigated their way through similar paths that we may desire to venture into.

LiveYourDreamsAfrica offers you a platform to glean from their experiences as they share their true stories, heartbreak, triumphs and all. We strongly believe that these stories will serve as a driving force as you begin to forge a life of purpose.

In the words of the Academy award winner – Lupita Nyongo – “No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.” Hence your background should not be an excuse to give up but a reason to get up on your feet and prove the nay sayers wrong! We believe that you will not only be inspired by these stories but will also be spurred to take action. As you begin your journey of progress, my dream is that your story will prove too compelling to ignore.

We hope to feature you on our stage someday.